Chiranjeevi - Bigger Than Bachchan

Did you know, Megastar chiranjeevi, at one time stood as the highest paid hero of India? As per the details, chiranjeevi's craze was at its peak, when he gave three blockbusters in a row like, 'Gang Leader', 'Rowdy Alludu' and 'Gharana Mogudu'. After 'Gharana Mogudu', chiranjeevi wanted to act in a class movie in the direction of Kala Tapaswi K.Viswanadh. Then, Yedida Nageswara Rao, came forward to produce that movie, under Poornodaya Creations. Keeping in the mind of chiranjeevi's extreme craze in theentire state, he offered Rs. 1.25 crores remuneration to chiranjeevi and the movie was, 'Aapadbhandhavudu', that was released on 9th October, 1992. 

All India Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's remuneration was Rs.1 crore then. Having known the details of the remuneration of chiranjeevi,one of the reputed magazines of the nation, 'THE WEEK', published a cover page of chiranjeevi with the heading, 'BIGGER THAN BACHCHAN' and the sub- heading, 'HE GETS RS.1.25 CRORES PER A MOVIE'. A special article of four pages on chiranjeevi was also published in the magazine. Today, the remuneration of tollywood heroes have been hiked upto Rs.12 crores. However, comparing with the remunerations of bollywood heroes, theirs is very low. Let us hope, they will make it possible, what chiranjeevi achieved it 20 years ago


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